Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Season 4, Episode 8

Looking Back, Part 1 (Season 4, Episode 8)
     A mother f-wording clip show.

A jazzy saxophone solo will not improve my dread of this episode, The Cosby Show, so just get that junk right out of my ears and let's move on to Clair on the telephone talking to Sondra about how married couples get in fights all the time. Tell me about it. I wonder how many clips we'll see of Clair and Cliff fighting?

Clair gets off the phone and her and Cliff start talking about how Sondra's and Elvin's first fight "sure does bring back memories." Oh, great. I can't wait to hear them.

The doorbell rings. Clair goes to answer it. In walks- whatever, I don't have the energy for this. Elvin is hear to reminisce about The Cosby Show.

Elvin plays it cool and tries to not let on that they had a fight, but he quickly breaks down. He tells them that the fight was about how he didn't do the dishes and they got in a fight about who works harder and is more tired and who should do the dishes. He then calls them out on how they didn't think he was right for their daughter when they were dating.

Clair starts out by saying, "Now, Elvin, you have to remember..." -and I can feel the first clip coming on- "...that you and Sondra used to fight all the time..."

So we move on to a clip of that time that Sondra went out on a date with another guy during one of their fights. It is Season 2, Episode 4 and it was a pretty good one, I guess. After the clip, Elvin learns for the first time that Sondra went out on a date with somebody else.

Then we see another clip from the episode where Cliff tries to coach that guy to win Sondra's heart. I just fast forwarded through it, because I can't stand to watch this. After the clip, Elvin is hurt to learn that Cliff tried this.

Clair explains that Elvin used to be a lot different and reminisces about the time that she offered to get Elvin some coffee and he acted weird about it and she tells him off. This is from the same episode.

Cliff moves the conversation to the topic of Denise's weird boyfriends in the past. We see a clip of that hilarious Rastafarian boyfriend! OK. I liked watching that clip. It is from Season 2, Episode 19 and is so funny! I loved that episode. If you go to the entry, there is a clip of it.

Then we just move right on to a clip of that hunky, hunky guy that hated doctors and lawyers from Season 1, Episode 9.

Then we see the infamous "How ugly is he?" incident from the pilot episode. Then we see Cliff compare himself to Old Yeller.

Time for a commercial. At the end of it, Rudy and Theo come downstairs and start talking about how weird and ugly Vanessa is. We see some boring and ugly clips of Vanessa being weird and boring and ugly.

The whole rest of the episode is just people going: "Remember that time...?" and then we see another clip. We see the fish funeral. We see Theo's hoop earring. We see Cliff break Clair's mug. We see the hilarious shirt that Denise made Theo. We see a lot of things. They are all pretty good and funny clips, but I've written about them all before.

The episode just sort of ends with them still sitting there on the couch.

Well, this episode wasn't a complete loss. We did have a new Cosby Sweater:

Cliff feels the same way as I do about this episode.

Sweater Count: 48


Well, I sure am glad that we got that clip out of the way. Friday we get back to normal episodes.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Season 4, Episode 7

Autumn Gift (Season 4, Episode 7)
     A crazy old hag won't take her pills

Rudy barges into the kitchen like the adorable little badass that she's becoming. She walks to the back door, puts her hand on the doorknob and then thinks to herself, "No. F-word that. F-word that and everything that is out there." And she turns around, goes to the refrigerator, takes out the biggest thing of water I have ever seen, and just starts pouring it down her throat.

Immediately, Cliff comes downstairs to stop her. He suggests that she uses a glass or a barrel to drink out of, but Rudy is too badass and impatient to wait the amount of time that it takes to pour liquid from one container to another. She is thirsty NOW. She is going to go to Mrs. Hickson's house to plan their next caper.

And with a bad/smartass comment, Rudy turns on her heel and marches straight to Mrs. Hickson's house to see if together they can solve the calibration problem on the droids.

At Mrs. Hickson's house, Rudy and her are dressed up in hilarious costumes to practice pretending to be innocent old ladies that got unfortunately caught in the cross-fire of an ingenious caper to hold Manhattan hostage.

Just about the best thing ever to see.
During their practice, Mrs. Hickson's son calls to ask if she has taken her crazy pills. It seems that she is an evil genius along the lines of The Joker, where as Rudy is more of a Lex Luthor. Let's see how the two get along.

Back at the house, Cliff is watching cartoons on the couch. His father is in for a visit and they are both eating snacks.

Elvin and Sondra come through the front door with a bunch of apparel from their wilderness shop. Elvin explains that the wilderness shop is doing surprisingly well, but they are having some trouble selling the sleeping bags. They figure that if everybody sleeps in the backyard in a sleeping bag, they can all talk about how great they are and then people will buy them. This is a stupid idea and Cliff and Russell refuse to participate. Sondra and Elvin go out back by themselves.

After they are gone, Rudy comes in and she is still wearing her hat. She accidentally lets slip that Mrs. Hickson isn't taking her pills. She must play innocent now and pretend that she cares as much as the rest about if Mrs. Hickson takes them. So Cliff sends her out back with Sondra and Elvin and then Russell and him go to see her to try to make her take the pills.

Mrs. Hickson is very welcoming when they arrive, but things start to turn when Cliff almost immediately turns the topic of conversation towards her medication. She tells them that if they are not going to drop it, they can leave.

They press her, so she fakes taking a pill and kicks them out. They totally fell for it.

Cliff even brags back at the house about how he got her to take the pill, but Rudy tells him that she probably just faked it. She's seen her do it before. So, Cliff heads back over there.

Meanwhile, Sondra and Elvin are trying to convince Vanessa to agree to sleep in the backyard. Things must be getting really desperate if they are willing to spend the time with Vanessa. But even Vanessa chooses to spend another lonely night crying into her pillow rather than sleeping in the backyard.

This only leaves Clair. Good luck on that one.

When they ask her, she doesn't seem to go for it, but Elvin totally uses reverse psychology by telling her that he doesn't even know why he asked, because she is too girly and delicate to sleep in the backyard. She falls for that one and agrees to do it.

After Clair so uncharacteristically gets chumped out like that, Cliff comes home to report on his second encounter with Mrs. Hickson. It sounds like he was triumphant and brags to Clair about it. Clair takes the opportunity to point out to Cliff that the importance of Mrs. Hickson taking her pill is the same as him lowering his salt intake.

Later that night, Rudy brings Mrs. Hickson over to the Huxtable house for dinner. They tell her that they want her to sign a contract that says that Rudy comes over every morning and watches her take her pill. Mrs. Hickson flat out refuses.

Cliff goes into the kitchen and brings out the second biggest sandwich I have ever seen. He starts drowning it in salt and eating it. Then he pretends to die. Then Vanessa comes downstairs and says she refuses to brush her teeth. Then shows Mrs. Hickson this:

Not much uglier.
Mrs. Hickson is unmoved by these displays. Then Theo comes in and declares that he refuses to eat. Then he pretends to die.

Mrs. Hickson finally agrees to sign. Then she pretends to die! It is hilarious.

What a hilarious old hag.
We end the episode with Clair and Cliff in bed in the sleeping bags. They refused to go to the backyard, so they turn the heat off and open the windows.

Cliff has to go to the bathroom, but his zipper is stuck. Clair can't get out of hers either.

Doomed to wake up in a bag full of urine.


Nobody wanted to sleep in the backyard? I would have jumped at the chance!


Also a look at that big sandwich.

Here we have a pretty boring, almost solid blue sweater. But it counts. We're STILL on pace for a sweater an episode for the season. I'm starting to notice that, unlike before when they always came at the end, the Cosby Sweaters are showing up in the very first scenes of episodes.

Sweater Count: 47

We also had these two sweaters:

Look at these guys.
They were pretty good.


I don't remember this episode either. I wonder how many more of these episodes are going to be boring and I am not going to remember them?

Speaking of remembering episodes: Wednesday: a mother f-wording clip show!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Season 4, Episode 6

That's Not What I Said (Season 4, Episode 6)
     Theo has a choice to make: enroll at Hogwarts or a life of crime.

It's nighttime in Huxtabletown and Vanessa is in the kitchen fixing some milk and cookies in her pajamas. She puts them on a tray and takes them to Clair, who is also in her pajamas but she is in the living room.

Vanessa tells Clair that she brought these things to help calm Clair down. The two are awake and waiting for Theo to get home from the police station. There seems to be some confusion as to if Theo has been arrested or not. Clair insists that he has not been.

Rudy comes downstairs. Let me tell you: if these three were having a contest for most adorable pajamas, there would be no contest. Rudy all the way.

The winner is obviously Rudy.
More of the story comes out. Clair explains to the girls that Theo is at the police station, because he was in a car and the driver got taken in. Also, they were in Coney Island, but they were supposed to be at the library. Uh-oh. It sounds like Theo did a little lying to get out of the house while he was grounded. And then turned to a life of crime.

Clair finally gets too jealous that Vanessa's and Rudy's pajamas are better than her's, so she tells them they have to go to their room.

Just after they leave, almost as though on cue, Cliff and Theo come home. Cliff appears to be very not happy and Theo appears very timid and apologetic.

Theo explains what happened: His friend and him decided to tell their parents they were going to the library, then they decided to drive to Coney Island even though they don't have driver's licenses.  Theo's friend drove, ran a red light, got in a car chase when a police officer tried to pull them over, and hit a stop sign.

Clair sends Theo away so her and Cliff can discuss his punishment. She is pissed. So is Cliff. They go into the kitchen and just start complaining about how bad it is getting with Theo. They list off a bunch of complaints and grievances, but it turns into the two fighting with each other over shaving and gasoline in cars.

After they have moved to the living room, things degenerate into the two being so upset with each other that they sit there in an icy silence.

Theo comes downstairs for his punishment, but it is apparent that they are so mad at each other (obviously they are just taking their anger at Theo out on each other) that they haven't prepared one, and they send him away again so they can argue some more.

Clair eventually goes to bed and Cliff follows. He wants to go to sleep, but Clair reminds him of the rule that they have to never go to sleep angry. What a stupid rule. It eventually becomes apparent that they are not going to resolve their issues tonight and they break their rule.

No covers for Cliff.
Morning comes and Vanessa and Rudy are at the kitchen table eating breakfast. They are trying to find the police blotter in the newspaper to see what happened to Theo the night before. They find an article about two high school kids that robbed a grocery store, but dismiss that as being "so not Theo."

Theo comes downstairs ready for a big day at Hogwarts, apparently:

Vanessa and Rudy grill him about the previous night's events. Theo insists he was not arrested and used magic to get out of jail and that he also used magic to divert the anger off of him and onto the parents and that he is magic.

Rudy and Vanessa just get more nosy about what Cliff and Clair are fighting about and decide to stick around and see if they can pick anything up.

Cliff comes downstairs and tells the girls that they were arguing, but that happens in a marriage (a LOT from my experience) and they don't need to worry. He send them off to school.

As she grows older, Rudy is slowly making the transition from "adorable" to "cool."

Cliff goes into the living room where he finds Clair, who has the worst plan of all time to end their fight. She hands him a legal pad and tells him that they are both going to write down the things that the other person did that made them angry, then they are going to trade lists, read them, and promise not to do them anymore. This is a horrible plan and is obviously going to backfire. But they do it.

Cliff writes, like, three things down, but Clair just keeps writing and writing and writing, so Cliff picks his list back up and keeps writing. Eventually Clair accuses him of not taking the exercise seriously, stays all mad, and storms out of the door for work.

At work, Clair is talking to a client about a settlement, but in the middle of it gets a call. It is Cliff trying to romance her over the phone and make up. He talks in a sexy voice and puts on some sexy music and whispers her sweet nothings. Clair, who has a client on the other side of the desk has to try to keep it cool even though she is obviously feeling all romanced and lovey. They are obviously going to make up very soon.

After she gets off the phone, the client totally calls her out on it, but he is understanding.

Clair feels all sexy.
Later in day, Cliff is on the couch listening to the same music. Clair comes home, hears the music, and gets right into the romance. They have made up.

Theo comes in, dressed like a wizard, sees they have made up, and knows he is in for it now. They decide he can go to his party on Saturday, but he is grounded after that.


Nothing. Nothing weird happened. Even though everybody acted so normal and no weird hilarious things happened, it was still a pretty good one.


It's a shame to be so angry with a sweater so awesome.
Could you imagine him picking you up from jail in that sweater? It's a good thing that he never wears the same sweater twice, because otherwise every time he wore it, Theo would be reminded of the horrible night he spent in jail pretending to be a wizard.

Also, we are still on pace for a sweater and episode this season!

Sweater Count: 46


I'm not sure that I had ever seen this episode before. I probably have, but I don't remember it. It was a pretty good one!

Monday: Sondra and Elvin have that wilderness store thing going on.