Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Season 4, Episode 8

Looking Back, Part 1 (Season 4, Episode 8)
     A mother f-wording clip show.

A jazzy saxophone solo will not improve my dread of this episode, The Cosby Show, so just get that junk right out of my ears and let's move on to Clair on the telephone talking to Sondra about how married couples get in fights all the time. Tell me about it. I wonder how many clips we'll see of Clair and Cliff fighting?

Clair gets off the phone and her and Cliff start talking about how Sondra's and Elvin's first fight "sure does bring back memories." Oh, great. I can't wait to hear them.

The doorbell rings. Clair goes to answer it. In walks- whatever, I don't have the energy for this. Elvin is hear to reminisce about The Cosby Show.

Elvin plays it cool and tries to not let on that they had a fight, but he quickly breaks down. He tells them that the fight was about how he didn't do the dishes and they got in a fight about who works harder and is more tired and who should do the dishes. He then calls them out on how they didn't think he was right for their daughter when they were dating.

Clair starts out by saying, "Now, Elvin, you have to remember..." -and I can feel the first clip coming on- "...that you and Sondra used to fight all the time..."

So we move on to a clip of that time that Sondra went out on a date with another guy during one of their fights. It is Season 2, Episode 4 and it was a pretty good one, I guess. After the clip, Elvin learns for the first time that Sondra went out on a date with somebody else.

Then we see another clip from the episode where Cliff tries to coach that guy to win Sondra's heart. I just fast forwarded through it, because I can't stand to watch this. After the clip, Elvin is hurt to learn that Cliff tried this.

Clair explains that Elvin used to be a lot different and reminisces about the time that she offered to get Elvin some coffee and he acted weird about it and she tells him off. This is from the same episode.

Cliff moves the conversation to the topic of Denise's weird boyfriends in the past. We see a clip of that hilarious Rastafarian boyfriend! OK. I liked watching that clip. It is from Season 2, Episode 19 and is so funny! I loved that episode. If you go to the entry, there is a clip of it.

Then we just move right on to a clip of that hunky, hunky guy that hated doctors and lawyers from Season 1, Episode 9.

Then we see the infamous "How ugly is he?" incident from the pilot episode. Then we see Cliff compare himself to Old Yeller.

Time for a commercial. At the end of it, Rudy and Theo come downstairs and start talking about how weird and ugly Vanessa is. We see some boring and ugly clips of Vanessa being weird and boring and ugly.

The whole rest of the episode is just people going: "Remember that time...?" and then we see another clip. We see the fish funeral. We see Theo's hoop earring. We see Cliff break Clair's mug. We see the hilarious shirt that Denise made Theo. We see a lot of things. They are all pretty good and funny clips, but I've written about them all before.

The episode just sort of ends with them still sitting there on the couch.

Well, this episode wasn't a complete loss. We did have a new Cosby Sweater:

Cliff feels the same way as I do about this episode.

Sweater Count: 48


Well, I sure am glad that we got that clip out of the way. Friday we get back to normal episodes.


  1. eastewart0201@yahoo.comDecember 26, 2011 at 5:08 PM

    I miss these updates! LOL!!! They were really funny. Hope you can start up again soon. ;)

  2. Hate to see that this ended! Great stuff!